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Coding for Kids: Learn to Code Python Multiplayer Adventure Games – Video Game Design Coding Software – Computer Programming for Kids, Ages 12-18, (PC, Mac Compatible)

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Product Description


Python Multiplayer Adventures

Where Else is the Program Used?

Simply Coding Python Multiplayer Adventures course is used all across the United States and also in Canada, Africa and in the UK. Our largest followers are our great home school students. In addition to our home schoolers we also provide this courses for Charter, Private and Independent Schools in California, Utah, Arizona, Iowa, Florida, Alabama, Georgia, Texas, Michigan and Tennessee. We’d love to help more schools introduce coding for kids and game design to their great students.

Why Learn to Code through Games?

Don’t our youth spend enough time playing games? We don’t disagree with that statement, however games provide an excellent medium for a lesson plan. The best coders are those who can customize and make real attempts to code their own ideas. Ideas flow when students are asked to learn to code their own games or customize a specific part of a game. Students are engaged and enjoy the challenge more when these principles are center around a fun little game compared to a database or business like process. The logic found in coding games is no different than coding for a commercial product.

What’s the Goal?

The goal is to give kids confidence and a real coding experience to help them make more informed life decisions. The course also includes a full lesson on how to upload your games live on the web using github! Their github page will become their online coding portfolio. They’ll be able to share this with anyone they’d like to see their work including potential employers.

space adventurespace adventure

Code Your Own Computer Programs

This great Python Multiplayer Adventures courses teaches students real world Python concepts through showing them how to code three different games. These games become very important to the student to show how variables, if statements, loops, arrays and objects all work together to great a working program! Students will be able to refer back to these three working games to help them as they tackle coding their own ideas! There is no better way for a student to learn to code then by coding their own ideas.

Our Students get to learn how to manage their own coding workspace (on their desktop) and understand how different coding files work together to communicate! They will also learn how to use other coding libraries to make their own program run more efficiently! They will keep all their work by saving it to their computer, a usb drive or a cloud account like google drive (whichever they prefer).

dungeon race pythondungeon race python

Simply Coding Provides STEM Education

Coding, the Creative Gift that Keeps on Giving!

At its core coding presents a world of problem solving. It forces students to think logically about different concepts and come up with a solution. The great thing about coding is the solution (unlike math) can have any number of possible answers. STEM education is all about helping kids understand real challenges and coming up with their own possible solutions. Coding is no different. During our lessons students will have lots of opportunities to write, customize and rearrange various lines of code. They will constantly be asked ‘if then’ type questions. For example, if ‘this’ happens then what would you like to happen next? They will use their great brain, through code to solve these challenges. All youth love to figure things out and and see real solutions happen right before their eyes.

“I learned more in the first day than I did in 6 months at school!”

-Caden C (student)


Real World Coding for a Real Experience

Simply Coding students write real code using Python, one of the most widely used computer languages in the world. The great thing about Python is how simple it is to get started. All you need is python installed and then a simple coding editor (IDE)! Our tutorials introduce a coding editor, named IDLE with a link to a free download. All projects will be saved directly to the students computer to keep forever. This is important for students to understand the file tree and how to manage a workspace.

How We Teach

Learning to code is a line by line, step by step process. Each lesson will introduce a new coding concept in a fun engaging lesson. Each lesson is broken into smaller sub-lessons with interactions and video reviews. Students can learn by reading or watching the video as well as practicing writing code in our embedded editors. Each lesson ends with a step by step activity to add code to their game on their own computer!

teacher studentteacher student

We’re Here for You

Students Have Access to Us

We don’t ever leave our students in the dark. We love to answer any questions they may have. We know for youth to learn to code it involves a new skill and really learning a new language.

We want to make the process a great experience and give Students learning to code in Python all the help and encouragement they need.

We firmly believe that if we create a curriculum we need to be available!

“I chose Simply Coding for my son because he really enjoys playing computer games and as a mom computer games for me are not just okay all the time. I wanted him to be able to something that would help him learn and grow.” – (Parent)

Python Multiplayer Adventures Coding for Kids Summary

Real Python coding in its native environment

Online Self Paced instructions with engaging instruction and activities

Learn to code multiple programs start to finish

Unlimited course access including updates

Works on PC or Mac (more tricky on a chromebook)

Multiplayer Games to play with friends

Self graded quizzes and tests

✓ LIVE MENTOR SUPPORT: Unlike other online coding programs for kids that offer you a “how to” sheet and let you learn from there, we offer live chat assistance. You can chat directly with a human mentor to make sure you or your child know exactly how to best design and code games using our Python Multiplayer Adventure tutorials. Also, we provide learning through fun coding demos on our youtube channel and our code dungeon section for those who have purchased a course!
✓ SCHOOL and HOMESCHOOL APPROVED CURRICULUM and STEM CERTIFIED: The Simply Coding for kids pathway program has been approved by school systems throughout the country, both as part of their course catalogs and as an after school program. We have been in operation in classrooms since 2013 and always looking to help more communities! If your child has worked with other simple programs that offer block coding, this experience of writing code in it’s native environment is the NEXT STEP!
✓ DESIGNED BY PROFESSIONAL PROGRAMMERS. MAJOR UPDATES EVERY SUMMER to keep up with evolving techniques and methods. Our software is designed and updated based on the feedback of thousands of teens who have helped us test, refine, and perfect our system. This is the perfect gift for boys or girls ages 11 and up.
✓ COMPATIBLE WITH ANY PC OR MAC: Unlike other programs that require strict system requirements, you simply need to access our online class via the provided pin code, create an account and start using our step by step tutorials. You will gain an useful Python experience through. Our self-directed lessons will guide the user through downloading a free text editor to their computer to give you a real world experience in managing a coding workspace.

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Coding for Kids: Learn to Code Python Multiplayer Adventure Games – Video Game Design Coding Software – Computer Programming for Kids, Ages 12-18, (PC, Mac Compatible)
Coding for Kids: Learn to Code Python Multiplayer Adventure Games – Video Game Design Coding Software – Computer Programming for Kids, Ages 12-18, (PC, Mac Compatible)


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